Resize Disk of your macOS VM in Proxmox

In this video we show you how to increase your disk size in your New Way Hackintosh using Proxmox. If you liked this video please do leave a like and consider subscribing.

Commands / Information

In the Hardware tab of your VM, select your disk (virtio0) and click Disk Actions on the top. Enter the size you want to increase it with, not the total size.
E.g. If your current Disk size is 250GB and you want 500GB, then you need to type 250.

Now macOS won’t be able to utilize the new space yet, so you’ll have to expand the APFS volume to fill out the rest.
Boot up your macOS VM, open up Terminal and run ‘diskutil list’ to find your correct disk.

As you can see that disk0 is 524.4GB, the disk3 APFS container that macOS uses is only 255.8GB.

Your disk number might differ from what we show, do double check it before committing!

To expand the disk partition do ‘diskutil repairDisk disk0’ and type ‘y’ and hit enter.

If done correctly, it should have an output like this.

Now type ‘diskutil apfs resizeContainer disk3 0’ and it will fill out the remaining space.

And you should get a similar output as shown here.

You might have to double check in your System Info that Trim is still enabled.
If it says it’s disabled, run ‘sudo trimforce enable’.

And that’s it, you do now have much more space to utilize in your Hackintosh!

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