Our Proxmox Services

We have invented an entire different way to get macOS, Linux and Windows running on PC Hardware At the same time! Called ‘The New Way’ This journey all started in August 2022. If your planning on spending some time getting your macOS set up and need some help be sure to reach out to us!

What is The New Way?

The New Way presents an effortless approach to running macOS on PC Hardware, allowing even those with limited computer knowledge to partake in the process hassle-free. This innovative method employs the Proxmox Virtual Environment, an open-source hypervisor platform, to virtualize macOS in a Virtual Machine (VM). The New Way eliminates the need for complex installations and presents no performance loss, unlike the traditional bare-metal route. We have simplified the process by creating downloadable ‘Templates’ for Proxmox installation, making the setup a simple ‘1-Click install’ of macOS, transforming your PC into a macOS monster. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask them on our Discord server. Get started building your macOS Powerhouse using The New Way.

Get Started With The New Way

We offer a few types of templates. Windows, macOS and Linux! Either manual installs or using our One Click Script.

Download a template here!

Once downloaded you can follow this guide to get it up and running on Proxmox. If you prefer a video guided please visit our YouTube Channel!

You’re all set to use macOS. If you have any issues please contact us.