Setting Custom CPU Cores to macOS VMs

In this video Harvey shows you how to fix the High CPU Usage and set Custom CPU Cores on your macOS virtualized VM using our new way with Proxmox. Thanks for watching remembering that this is free consider donating if you appreciate our work!

macOS only accepts CPU cores in powers of 2. Which means only 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and so on, will work natively.
We have a solution for a workaround. Do note that this may or may not work for you, should you encounter issues, just revert the process.

sudo nano /etc/pve/qemu-server/[VMID].conf

Intel CPUs

Add the line for your wanted amount of cores to the end of your Hackintosh VM Args.
In the Hardware tab, set it to 1 socket + 4 cores!

For Intel

2 Cores


4 Cores


6 Cores

-smp 6,cores=2,sockets=3,threads=1,maxcpus=6

8 Cores


10 Cores

-smp 10,cores=2,sockets=5,threads=1,maxcpus=10

12 Cores

-smp 12,cores=2,sockets=3,threads=2,maxcpus=12

14 Cores

-smp 14,cores=2,sockets=7,threads=1,maxcpus=14

16 Cores


18 Cores

-smp 18,cores=2,sockets=9,threads=1,maxcpus=18

20 Cores

-smp 20,cores=2,sockets=5,threads=2,maxcpus=20

22 Cores

-smp 22,cores=2,sockets=11,threads=1,maxcpus=22

24 Cores

-smp 24,cores=2,sockets=6,threads=2,maxcpus=24

26 Cores

-smp 26,cores=2,sockets=13,threads=1,maxcpus=26

28 Cores

-smp 28,cores=2,sockets=7,threads=2,maxcpus=28

30 Cores

-smp 30,cores=2,sockets=15,threads=1,maxcpus=30

32 Cores


3 Cores

-smp 3,cores=1,sockets=3,threads=1,maxcpus=3

5 Cores

-smp 5,cores=1,sockets=5,threads=1,maxcpus=5

7 Cores

-smp 7,cores=1,sockets=7,threads=1,maxcpus=7

9 Cores

-smp 9,cores=1,sockets=9,threads=1,maxcpus=9

11 Cores

-smp 11,cores=1,sockets=11,threads=1,maxcpus=11

13 Cores

-smp 13,cores=1,sockets=13,threads=1,maxcpus=13

15 Cores

-smp 15,cores=1,sockets=15,threads=1,maxcpus=15

17 Cores

-smp 17,cores=1,sockets=17,threads=1,maxcpus=17

19 Cores

-smp 19,cores=1,sockets=19,threads=1,maxcpus=19

21 Cores

-smp 21,cores=1,sockets=21,threads=1,maxcpus=21

23 Cores

-smp 23,cores=1,sockets=23,threads=1,maxcpus=23

25 Cores

-smp 25,cores=1,sockets=25,threads=1,maxcpus=25

27 Cores

-smp 27,cores=1,sockets=27,threads=1,maxcpus=27

29 Cores

-smp 29,cores=1,sockets=29,threads=1,maxcpus=29

31 Core

-smp 31,cores=1,sockets=31,threads=1,maxcpus=31

48 Cores

-smp 48,cores=2,sockets=24,threads=1,maxcpus=48
-smp 48,cores=2,sockets=12,threads=2,maxcpus=48


Replace your current -cpu arg, with the following. Then set the desired amount of CPU cores in the VMs Hardware settings.


args: <default-arg> -cpu host

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