About us

Commited To Excellence

HJS Solutions uses our team’s experience to offer an array of services including building systems & servers, server & client management, creating & hosting websites, even complete ‘IT-in-a-box’ solutions for startups interested in world-class support without excessive cost.
We can do this by using advanced custom software that simply does not exist elsewhere. With these tools, we can provide advanced features as well as time & cost savings to our clients.
By combining our scripting skills & toolbox with our experience in software like Proxmox, we can make your technology pains disappear.

Our work process

01 - Ticket Creation

By creating a ticket with our Helpdesk depending on your needs in either design or computer specifications both yourself and our service desk agents can negotiate a price that suits both ends of the connection.

02 - The Internal Processing

Following a set negotiation and price, we will work together internally to make your dream design or computer build possible by sending you over a quote.

03 - Building/Designing Your Website Or Computer

Once we are available we will begin to either design your website or build your PC or Server. 

Building your Server will come with our custom open source Proxmox Hypervisor that allows for features such as hourly and daily backups of your machine just in case of a disaster.

About us

Meet our team

Our team consists of 2 members. Find more about them below:


Harvey S.


Tor A.

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